John Egert received his Life membership

Lifetime membership award.

John Egert  received his Life membership from the Broward County Airboat Halftrack and Conservation Club. John has been a member in good standing for 20 consecutive years. For many years he was most commonly seen at Wayne Cones Lost Lake Camp  or Crossroads Camp. He has always been eager to help anyone in the woods. When BCAHCC purchased the Boars Nest Camp, he was in the original group of workers to step up after Hurricane Wilma, and rebuild our Camp. He spent 5 years with us at Boars Nest camp and worked very hard to build trusses, re-roof all of the buildings, replace walls, carpentry and painting. He was especially good at caulking, John was nick named by all of the workers “King of Caulk.” John was always eager to get started every weekend. Our club owes him a debt of gratitude for all he has done for BCAHCC. He is spending most of his time now on his exotic fruit farm in Southwest Ranches with his wife Tracy. His son Cy Egert is also a member of our club. Thanks John for everything you have done for us.