Full Track Conservation Club of Dade County (JULY 2017 Newsletter)

JULY 2017 Newsletter – Club meeting- JULY 27th, 7:30 pm, Bass Pro shops in the breakroom

Water, water, everywhere. The WMAs are still closed and it looks like they will be for quite awhile. As I write this newsletter , 3A is still almost 2 feet above regulation and it’s raining out there now. The S-12 structures are flowing almost 3300 cfs out the south end while the S-8 pumps aren’t  even on . I don’t believe there is any rush to get your stands or your buggy ready. Hopefully most of you have alternate plans on hunting in other places. And I will say pray that we don’t get a tropical storm or hurricane this year.

I went to the FWC meeting in Orlando this month and spoke to our regional director about numerous items. I was told that getting a permit to go to your camp will be considered and should be no problem since it appears that the water situation is going to remain for some time. As before, these will be for one day only and you won’t be getting one every week. Some folks took advantage of their permits last year so the FWC will be monitoring more closely.

We also talked about the tragic death in the Holeyland area and what can be done if anything. As I have said before, our biologist in charge of hunting in our area is working a some type of solution that may inhibit the target shooting. He will be speaking about it in a joint club meeting with the Broward club on August 23rd. I know that we had said that we would do this on the 26th of this month, but it was brought up that mini season is on the 26th and 27th of this month and many of you would be doing that activity. It will give Wes a bit more time to fine tune his proposal. But we want everyone to understand, unless we get the state statue changed that allows this problem to continue, it will be ongoing. Saying that, I urge all of you to e-mail Marion Hammer of the NRA to explain the problem and what can she do to close this loophole. I have done so already, but a few hundred letters might convince her that this portion of the statue needs to be changed. Her e-mail address is mphammer1@aol.com.  One good aspect of the area being closed is that even when Archery was to begin, target shooting will still not be allowed since the area is closed to all types of hunting.

Another issue that has been brought up is some have claimed that quotas were pulled from Holeyland and Rotenberger. I checked on this because one of our members sent me a screen shot of a worksheet that had higher numbers on it. It turns out that it’s the same worksheet that they have started with the past few years as a starting point. Once they get their deer count of the areas, they make the final numbers and that what is put out as an executive order. I will say that in my conversations with staff, the Rotenberger tags should have been none for the past few years. They didn’t want to do it since they want as much opportunity in the areas as possible. The deer count in Rotenberger was only about 17. I have worked in Rotenberger with a contractor for the past 3 years and this year I saw no deer at all where I was working. I have seen deer in the past in these areas. I won’t get into how they count the deer and if it’s flawed or not. But it’s the same way they have done it for years and logic dictates that if a drop is seen using the same methodology, it must be accurate.

One final note, I was speaking a few of the guys who have the ear of the FWC about gator tag permiting and they have some ideas that would separate the commercial guys from the majority of you, the recreationalist. It would give you more chances for a tag in the area that you want. But remember, if you are trying to get a tag in an area with a few hundred other people trying, your chances are less. As a side note, I hear again and again that out of state people trying to get tags are getting most of them since they pay more. Nothing is farther from the truth, less than 1% of the tags go to out of state hunters.

Hope to see ya at the meeting, but if you’re going for mini-season, be safe.

John Rosier




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